Yoga Pose: Cobra (Bhujaṅgāsana)

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  • Cobra

  • Bhujaṅgāsana

  • bhujaṅga = serpent
  • āsana = posture
  • Category:
    Prone / Backbend
  • Difficulty:
  • Description:

    From a prone position lying on the earth the pelvic bowl is firmly contracted interiorly towards the center line of the body while the pubis is tucked under. The legs are extended back and the tops of the feet are squared to the earth. The palms are flat and the fingers are in line with the shoulder blades, or, if possible, the palms are tucked under the shoulders with the elbows bent and tucked into the sides of the body. On an inhalation, the arms are straightened slightly, maintaining a soft bend in the elbows as the chest lifts off the earth. Lift up only to the height that is comfortable and that also maintains the pubis and the legs pressed to the earth. Work the opposing forces by pressing the tailbone towards the pubis as the pubis lifts towards the navel. The hip points are narrowed. The buttocks are firm but not hardened. The shoulder blades are firm against the back. The side ribs expand to facilitate the back bend. Lift through the top of the sternum but avoid pushing the front ribs forward, which only hardens the lower back. Distribute the backbend evenly throughout the entire spine. The gaze is out in front or straight ahead depending on flexibility.

  • Benefits:

    Strengthens the spine. Stretches the chest, the lungs, the shoulders and the abdomen. Firms the buttocks. Stimulates the abdominal organs. Helps relieve stress and fatigue. Opens the heart and the lungs. Soothes the sciatica. Therapeutic for asthma. Traditional texts say that Bhujangasana increases body heat, destroys disease, and awakens Kundalini.