Yoga Pose: Locust (Śalabhāsana)

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  • Locust

  • Śalabhāsana

  • śalabha = locust
  • āsana = posture
  • Category:
    Prone / Backbend
  • Difficulty:
  • Description:

    From a supine position lying on the belly (pad the floor below your pelvis and ribs with a folded blanket if needed) with the arms along the side body, palms facing up, lift the legs away from the floor until resting on the lower ribs, belly, and front pelvis with firm buttocks, energy extended thru strong legs and active toes. The arms are raised parallel to the floor with active fingertips. Imagine there is a weight pressing down on the backs of the upper arms, and push up toward the ceiling against this resistance. Press the scapulae firm into the back. The gaze is forward or slightly upward, being careful not to jut the chin forward and crunch the back of the neck. Keep the base of the skull lifted and the back of the neck long.

  • Benefits:

    Strengthens muscles of spine, buttocks, and backs of the arms and legs. Stretches the shoulders, chest, belly, and thighs. Improves posture. Stimulates abdominal organs. Helps relieve stress.