Yoga Pose: Side Plank on the Knee

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  • Side Plank on the Knee

  • Category:
    Arm and Leg Support / Balancing
  • Difficulty:
  • Description:

    From Box (Cakravākāsana), one leg is extended back with the outside edge of the foot gripping the earth. The top arm (on the same side of the body as the extended leg) is extended up to the sky with the fingers spread wide. The supporting leg is bent and the foot and the knee are angled out for balance. The supporting arm is straight and in line the extended arm with the joints stacked. The pelvis is tucked under to protect the lumbar spine and the gaze is up.

  • Benefits:

    Strengthens the arms, belly and legs. Stretches and strengthens the wrists. Stretches the backs of the legs. Improves sense of balance and focus.