Yoga Pose: Rabbit (Sasangāsana)
  • Rabbit

  • Sasangāsana

  • sasanga = rabbit
  • āsana = posture
  • Category:
    Arm and Leg Support / Forward Bend
  • Difficulty:
  • Description:

    From Child's (Balāsana) pose, rest the torso onto the thighs and the forehead onto the earth. Walk the knees up to meet the forehead, shifting some weight to the crown of the head. Find the maximum comfortable neck stretch and then reach back and grip the base of the feet (use a strap if necessary). To increase the stretch and come into the full expression of the pose, gradually lift or elevate your hips. Be sure to keep your forehead as close as possible to your knees and the topmost part of your skull (crown of the head) on the earth. Contract your abdominal muscles and gaze at your ankles.

  • Benefits:

    Maintains the mobility and elasticity of spine. Nurtures the nervous system and helps with depression. Improves digestion. Helps cure sinus problems, colds and chronic tonsillitis. Strengthens and firms the abdomen. Stretches the back muscles. Removes the tension from the upper back and the neck. Improves posture. Stimulates the thymus gland, improving the function of the immune system.