Yoga Pose: Reverse Warrior (Pārśva Vīrabhadrāsana)

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  • Reverse Warrior

  • Pārśva Vīrabhadrāsana

  • pārśva = side
  • vīrabhadra = warrior
  • āsana = posture
  • Category:
    Standing / Lateral Bend
  • Difficulty:
  • Description:

    From Warrior II (Vīrabhadrāsana II), the lower body stays static while the upper body arches back in a gentle back bend. The top arm is extended back with the bicep by the ear and the fingers spread wide. The other arm slides down the back leg resting on the thigh or shin, but not the knee joint. The gaze is up towards the sky.

  • Benefits:

    Strengthens and stretches the legs, knees, and ankles. Stretches the groin, spine, waist, chest, lungs, and shoulders. Stimulates abdominal organs. Increases stamina. Relieves backaches, especially through second trimester of pregnancy. Therapeutic for carpal tunnel syndrome, flat feet, infertility, osteoporosis, and sciatica.