Yoga Pose: Revolved Side Angle (Parivṛtta Pārśvakoṇāsana)

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  • Revolved Side Angle

  • Parivṛtta Pārśvakoṇāsana

  • parivṛtta = revolved
  • pārśva = side
  • koṇa = angle
  • āsana = posture
  • Category:
    Standing / Twist
  • Difficulty:
  • Description:

    From a standing position, the legs are in a wide stance with the feet aligned and flat on the earth. The inner thighs scissor towards each other with Mula Bandha engaged. The front knee is bent in a 90-degree angle and tracks the front ankle. The back leg is straight with most of the body’s weight pressed into the outside edge of the back foot gripping the earth. From the center of the back, between the shoulder blades, the arms move away from the torso that is rotated up towards the sky. One arm is actively reaching up and the other actively reaching down utilizing the fingers tips or flat palm only as a un-weighted balancing tool. The elbow of the bottom hand is either on the inside or the outside of the bent front knee, depending on the degree of flexibility available. Beginning students should keep their head in a neutral position, looking straight forward, or turn it to look down and protect the neck. More experienced students can turn the head and gaze up at the top thumb.

  • Benefits:

    Wrings out the lower back and the digestive and vital organs of the mid-body. Opens the chest. Stretches the pectoralis minor muscles.