Yoga Pose: Awkward (Utkaṭāsana)
  • Awkward

  • Utkaṭāsana

  • utkaṭa = fierce
  • āsana = posture
  • Category:
    Standing / Balancing
  • Difficulty:
  • Description:

    From a standing position the heels come up and the arms are extended forward and parallel to the earth. The fingers are together and the palms are facing down. The knees are bent. The pelvis is contracted under, the rib cage is lifted up and the chin is gently tucked toward the sternum. Bandhas are engaged. The gaze is to the front.

  • Benefits:

    Improves overall body strength. Opens pelvis. Strengthens and tones the leg muscles. Relieves menstrual cramping. Reduces fat pocket under the buttocks. Aligns the skeletal system. Good for arthritis conditions. Improves digestion. Relieves joint pain. Relieves sciatica. Improves flexibility in the toes and the ankles. Exercises the liver, the intestines and the pancreas.